IT Services

Our lives are online and interconnected. It can be tricky making sure all your tech toys play nicely with each other. When they misbehave, you need help to restore law and order, so your gadgets and gizmos run smoothly.

From laptops to smart TVs, everything needs a network connection or access to the internet. Yes, they make your life easier, and more entertaining…

But sometimes it can be complicated and frustrating when the tech doesn’t work or play nicely.

I’ll help you with any and all technical challenges. Perhaps you need some advice on a new purchase, or you need an expert to set up some new technology in your life. Whatever your tech needs, get in touch.

My most popular services include:

Internet setup and troublshooting

You need great internet, and I can help you find the best provider, or improve your existing connection. 

Having internet problems? I can fault find and diagnose slow internet problems. Let’s boost your connection and get some results.

Here in Ecuador, new internet service providers pop-up and disappear repeatedly. New start-ups are often popular, until their customer base increases, and their service nose dives. I’ve taken specific measures to configure my connection for optimal use. 

I’ve helped countless people to avoid pitfalls and amplify their internet experience.

When you hire me, we’ll:

  • Discuss your internet requirements and find a solution
  • Improve your current internet service providers services. 
  • Make local changes to your network to improve connectivity
  • Prioritise bandwidth, so your most critical applications and services get the juice

VPN setup and maintenance

VPNs stop prying eyes monitoring your internet connection and intercepting data you send and receive. You should always use a VPN for online banking. It’s essential to keep any personal or financial information away from people who want to use it for wrongdoing.

VPNs can also hide your actual location. For example, if you’re connected in Canoa, but use a VPN, any websites or endpoints will see your connection is originating from New York, London, or wherever else in the world you choose.

Why is this beneficial? Some services, such as Netflix, restrict content based on location. VPNs mean you can unlock services not otherwise available in Ecuador.

However, providers are wising up, especially to expats living overseas and connecting via VPNs back to their home countries to unlock content. VPNs become blocked, and you need a solution.

 We can set up a VPN service on a singular device or a router, depending on your needs and goals.

Computer repair, maintenance and support

Computers, like cars, need service and regular upkeep to keep them running as efficiently as possible. With use, they slow down. They don’t run properly. Perhaps they won’t even start up. The longer you put off routine maintenance, the more likely something breaks.

Yes, we live in a tropical paradise, but think of the corrosive effects of living with salty air and high humidity. On the flip side, in the dry months, dust can build up inside devices. The coastal climate on the equator can take its toll on consumer electrics. Computers and laptops are no exception and routinely fail here on the coast.

I recommend running computer equipment and sensitive electronics in air-conditioned environments to keep them in tip-top condition. It also pays to service equipment periodically, and an interior cleaning ensures optimal system performance. Good housekeeping prevents heat damage and hardware stresses, thereby preserving its lifespan.

Hire me to schedule a health check and service on your computer equipment.

Virus and malware cleansing

Malware attacks are increasing exponentially! Hackers are getting quicker, sneakier, and more ingenious every day. It’s a huge problem that costs billions of dollars.

Malicious ransomware can infect your computer, encrypt your data, and lock the system. This criminal scheme demands a payment to unlock your gear. Never click on links you don’t trust in an email, instant message, or website.

After an infection, you may be fortunate and recover your data, or everything, including your computer, may be lost. You must act quickly.

If you think your system is compromised, shut it down immediately and message me. Don’t use the internet! Prevention is key. Simply installing antivirus software, then forgetting about it, is not enough. Router firewall logs show constant attacks from unknown forces. It’s relentless. One small chink in the armour can cause devastating consequences.

You need a bulletproof firewall setup, antivirus software, and regular updates to fix weak spots. If a hacker infected your computer, could you recover all your valuable data if I had to wipe the computer’s hard disk? Can you afford to lose your data forever? Most people think they have adequate protection and backups until it’s too late.

I can assess your security setup and offer advice, based on best security practices, to make sure your equipment is safe from attacks.

Training and coaching

Computer’s and the internet can open a whole new world, but new technology can be tricky to understand and master, especially if you’re not tech-savvy. The world is evolving, and we need to learn and keep up with technology to enjoy the benefits.

Do you have trouble opening a browser, surfing the net, finding movies, setting up accounts, or remembering passwords? Maybe you have a crippling fear of all things digital. You’re not alone. Many people didn’t use technology in their youth and now find it entirely alien.

If you need help to navigate the digital age, let me help you out. I’ve taught hundreds of people with patience and empathy and can get you up and running with your newfound tech-toy in no time. Whatever you might be struggling with, with my help, you’ll be an expert in no time!

Security cameras and surveillance 

Having adequate home security is essential, especially when you’re not there. We want to know who has been coming and going.

Commercial and public properties frequently use security camera systems to protect their investments. Traditionally these systems represented a substantial investment, but the price of camera systems has dropped dramatically in recent years. They are now an affordable and wise investment.

Most camera systems these days are DVR type devices. They have a central box on your local network and has either a direct connection to a camera, or through Wi-Fi. They can be challenging to setup, especially if you don’t understand networks.

I use an 8-channel device with infra-red for night vision. I have one at the main gate, so I can maintain privacy, or admit visitors. I can also see when my workers arrive and leave.

An awesome feature is that I can access the system remotely and monitor live or playback events from anywhere in the world from my smartphone or computer.

A home security system doesn’t just record crimes, it deters the criminals. I can help install and setup a camera system to make sure you and your home are protected.

Smart devices

Smart phones, smart TVs, smart watches, smart cookers, smart air conditioning. Everything is getting smarter and smarter these days. Or so it seems! As technology evolves, more and more devices are becoming intelligent and “smart”.

If you need assistance to connect any devices in your property or life, I’m your man. I’ve long been an advocate of digital and smart home installations, and there isn’t a gadget I don’t know about!

Data recovery services

It can be a bitter pill to swallow when your laptop or computer dies. Consumer electrics don’t fare so well here on the tropical coast. Laptops die here all the time.

While the laptop may have gone to a better place, it doesn’t mean all the data on the hard disk has gone with it. I have the tools in my computer lab to recover data from disks. Even from failed disks.

The same applies to deleted files. If you accidently delete something, even from trash, chances are I can recover it. You must STOP and shutdown the computer, otherwise by continued use the computer could overwrite the accidently deleted file.

If in doubt, stop what you’re doing and get in touch!

Remote IT support

Remote IT support is a service that allows me to help you with tech problems without needing to visit you in person. One of the tools available to assist with this is a remote control desktop sharing technology from any location so I can fix your computer problems from anywhere in the world with a robust internet connection.

This clever, tech-forward system allows me access to your device without ever needing to set foot on your property. So, I can help keep your equipment running smoothly and fix problems before they become major issues that interrupt your day.

If you need to navigate frustrating tech issues quickly without losing time or money on costly on-site visits, this pre-paid service is perfect for you.

Other services 

The above services are my most popular IT consultancy services. However, my expertise encompasses many more solutions. Talk to me if you need help with:

  • Windows desktop technologies
  • Apple Mac technologies
  • Business networks
  • Windows server technologies
  • Active directory technologies
  • MS Exchange technologies
  • MS Office technologies
  • Extensive TCP/IP
  • Router & Firewall technologies
  • VPN technologies
  • Short / Long range wifi
  • Ethernet and data cabling technologies
  • Virtualisation  technologies
  • Remote desktop / Terminal services
  • SAN / NAS / iSCSI / FC technologies
  • Symantec Ghost / Sysprep
  • VoIP technologies
  • AV / malware technologies
  • Backup and DR technologies
  • VM replication technologies
  • Penetration testing
  • Content filtering
  • Bandwidth queing and prioritisation
  • Printing technologies
  • Web design & Development
  • eCommerce
  • Payment gateway systems
  • Helpdesk or support ticketing systems
  • User forums
  • Membership sites
  • Email automation
  • Digital marketing
  • Sales funnels
  • Landing pages

Contact me today to discuss

No matter whether you need help revamping your home technology, connecting your smart TV to other devices, upgrading your home security, or with understanding the latest gadget, I’ll leverage over 25 years of IT experience to guarantee you the best service and results. Contact me, you’ll be delighted you did.