About me

Hi! I’m a seasoned IT professional of 25+ years. My extensive work history has included industries from internet service providers, software houses, cell phone and home entertainment providers, biotech companies, and even gold mining exploration outfits, and high-end horse breeders!

Technology has always been the fire in my belly. I’m a tech fanatic. Helping people to overcome their technical challenges with my exceptional skillset is where I thrive.

From an early age I was interested in how things work. What’s under the hood and how does it all fit together?

One of my earliest tech-nerd memories was disassembling my grandparents video recorder after it ate a tape. It was one of those top loader types with a little viewing window so you could see the film being mangled. I was fascinated with the mechanism.

My clueless grandparents were elsewhere, blissfully unaware their oldest grandson was frantically stripping down and re-assembling their prized 1980’s technology.

Thankfully, I reassembled it before they came back and discovered what horrors I was up to. And yes, I got away with it. But Raiders of the Lost Ark was gone forever.

When I’m not casting my magic over computers and other tech gadgets, you’ll find me fixing other stuff and rebuilding my house which was all but destroyed in the 2016 earthquake. I’m also the guy for property maintenance and air conditioning installs, although that has become more of a side hustle for me in the last few years.

If you’re looking for help with a tricky tech problem, from computers, phones, tablets, internet issues, or anything else, from an IT veteran. I’m here.