Welcome to Computer Paramedic

Expat Computer and Technology Services for business and home in Ecuador

Computer Paramedic is a computer and technology business in Canoa, Ecuador. It was born out of a need for quality, local technology supply, and service expertise in my field. 

No matter what computer, tablet, phone, or other gadget trouble your having, with over 25 years, professional IT and computing experience, there isn’t much I can’t fix with my extensive know-how. Plus, I speak both English and Spanish and have an established network of technology suppliers in Ecuador and overseas to cater for all your business and home computing and tech needs. 

If it’s a laptop that won’t boot, a cell phone that won’t connect to the network, or a new router, VPN service or other gizmo you want, call me.

Computer Paramedic has experience with and helps their EC clients with a range of services. Our most popular and re-occuring services include:


Internet setup & troubleshooting

Internet in Ecuador can be challenging, but it doesn’t need to be. Let’s chat about the best options for your location.

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VPN setup & maintenance

If you want to stream favourite TV shows from home country via Netflix, Amazon prime, etc I can help.

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Computer repair, maintenance & support

Computers need a little TLC from time to time to keep them running efficiently. Apple mac or Windows, I’ve extensive experience with both.

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Virus & malware cleansing

Is your computer infected? Do you need to wear full hazmat protection just to send an email? Help is just a click away.

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Training & coaching

Technology can be tricky! If you’re puzzled by something, it’s okay, you’re not alone! Help is at hand.

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Security cameras

Safety first! Do you need guidance to source and set up a CCTV system? Want to check in on your property when you are not there? I can assist.

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Smart devices

Got a smart phone, TV, Firestick, Roku, tablet, or Kodi you need help with? I’ve got you. Home entertainment and connectivity are my thing.

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Data recovery services

Have a dead laptop? Failed motherboard? It’s a hazard of tropical coastal life. Let me recover your personal data off the hard disc.

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Plus a whole lot more